You will have a different story. Make that story shine. ⁠

If I could shield you from the harder parts of life – Just like this… I would. But then again, I wouldn’t be preparing you for the ups and downs that you are sure to face. I need you to understand that life isn’t fair and that it’s what you do with your hardships that will create a better you. I hope, as you grow older, you learn this. You learn that the path you sometimes land upon isn’t the one you expected and that’s ok. Everyone has a different story. You will have a different story. Make that story shine. ⁠
You may not understand everything that I do. Perhaps you will one day. But understand that what I want for you is the best that I can offer. It may not be traditional, but I can promise you this. You have a village. A community. And my girls… THAT is what life is about. ⁠
Spread your laughter. Live life to the fullest. Take care of your body. Take care of yourself. I’ll be here for all of that. But know, I’ll also be here for you during those times that you need to shed your tears. There will undoubtably be that too. Know as your Momma, my arms will always be here for you. Always.⁠

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