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Little Love Bug Co.


You've come to the right place. Ready to ship. Trendy and practical. Handcrafted and 100% genuine leather. All of my moccasins have non-slip soles for parent's - like you - seeking healthy foot development. Soft soles encourage your little one to balance and walk. I help with the courage. With your order you're getting less slips and more grip than the general baby booty moccasin. Welcome to your new favorite shoes.

Little Love Bug Company reimagines traditional baby walking shoes, crafting comfortable, stylish footwear babies and toddlers love - that Mom's want to collect. All of my girl moccasins and boy moccasins are flexible and comfortable. My moccs are for your baby (0 - 6 months) to toddlerhood (size 6).  They're super safe, play-time ready, and help keep your little as snug as a bug.

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Top Selling T-Bar Moccasin with Anti-Slip Sole

Soft Sole Sandal Moccasin for Babies and Toddlers with Non-Slip Sole

Everyone's Favorite Original Little Love Bug Moccasin with Anti-Slip Sole

Casual Low Top Moccasin with Non-Slip Sole

Shirley Temple Dance Moccasin with Non-Slip Sole

Casual High Top Moccasin with Non-Slip Soft Sole

Oxford Moccasin with Anti-Slip Sole

Chelsea Boot Moccasin with Anti-Slip Sole

The Classic Moccasin with Anti-Slip Sole

Feathered Moccasin with Anti-Slip Sole

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