Who Is Little Love Bug Company?

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Shop Little Love Bug Company genuine handmade leather and suede moccasins with rubber soles (infant/baby/toddler) Girl and boy moccs. Designs in a variety of colors (tbar/oxford/boots/ankle booties/hightop/sneakers). Sizes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Shoes found online and amazon, not target or shark tank. Leslie Nelson

I'm Leslie - Sole Mom behind the scenes of this boutique shop. I run Little Love Bug Company out of my home.

Raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest; I'm a sleep deprived Mom in Portland, Oregon who wears yoga pants and hopes to one day sleep through the night again. I love all things coffee (because I need the caffeine), my friends (because life can be hard), a good laugh (apparently my laugh is fairly recognizable), and my family (they're my rock).

I left a corporate sales gig for a much more difficult job - to stay home with and raise my two daughters. I created Little Love Bug: after my own children, whom I call my “Little Love Bugs”. Little Love Bug Co gives my brain another avenue of thought beyond unicorns, never ending laundry, "toot" jokes, and the typical growing pains of my little stinkers. 

My two little love bugs and cheese balls - 4 & 2 years old.

I’ve always loved baby moccasins and the benefits they have for little feet. Rigid, constricting shoes, while cute (who doesn’t love the look of those miniature size running shoes) affect foot development (click here on a more extensive dive in to why moccasins for your toddler). Did you know there are 26 bones in the foot? Feet move in to proper alignment naturally for a toddler, as long as they're not restrained or restricted. I tried to have my littles run around barefoot as much as possible, but the American Board of Pediatrics recommends soft sole shoes once children begin to walk to protect their feet from rocks, slivers, temperatures, rough surfaces, etc. and toddlers are recommended to continue to be in flexible soft soled shoes until at least the age of two.⠀
With pediatric recommendations, I purchased many moccasins (even the expensive brands) loving the idea that my kids could feel the floor to learn early balance and felt happy that I was encouraging proper foot growth. Because let's be real, parenting is tough and with so many "recommendations" on all things babyhood these days - I felt at least I had THIS one thing covered (unlike all things sleep related). However, I found my kids would slip, as the standard moccs didn't have enough grip. They would also easily rip holes in un-durable bottoms - especially once they were more active.⠀
My husband said no more moccs - Wait. What? No more expensive moccs that would rip up in a day and had our babies slipping on almost any type of floor.⠀
Listening well has never been a strong quality of mine (just ask my husband) and needing a brain distraction as my dad battled two different forms of cancer (devastation would be an understatement), I dove head first in to learning how to create and run my own mocc shop. It was scary, anxiety ridden, and has proven to be a never ending learning experience, but nonetheless, in September of 2017 I launched online... And I love it.

Within 6 months, 2,000 pairs of my high quality leather moccasins had been purchased, worn, and tested by little love bugs worldwide.... Since then I've completely lost track. I'm humbled by the support and love I've experienced through this entire process. My eyes were opened up to the absolute beauty of all things modern day motherhood; their talents, ability to multi-task, raise their little love bugs, all while supporting each other in a way I'd yet to discover.

Not to mention, I now have endless choices of moccs to have my littles run around in and my dad beat cancer. #winning ⠀

I hope you and your little bug enjoys them as much as mine have,

Leslie Nelson

Mom and Owner

Little Love Bug Company®

PS. I love hearing from my customers and get excited to see your little's tagged in my brand, so if you don't follow me yet on Instagram, meet me there and join in my journey - you might just win some free stuff!

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