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The Oxfords

These are the perfect baby boy moccasin, but looks great as a girl moccasin too!

My oxford baby shoes are designed with your little bug in mind. As your child grows, they’ll need a comfortable, supportive shoe that moves with them. As parents, we know that there’s no stopping babies or toddlers, and we want to keep slips and trips to a bare minimum. That’s why I crafted the perfect solution. My oxford moccasins feature anti-slip soles and come in tons of colors. Your little one will look and feel their best when they wear our oxford baby shoes.  


  • Kid moccasins for boys or girls - Now with elastic "laces"!
  • Durably made for infants, babies, and toddlers.
  • Stylish yet practical shoe
  • Soft sole of a moccasin, but with an anti-slip sole that gives a little more grip to help avoid slipping
  • All of our moccasins come in a cotton dust bag perfect for storing your baby shoes or to give a great presentation for a baby shower gift or 1st birthday present 

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  1. Gray Suede Oxford Dress Shoe Little Love Bug Co.
  2. Saddle Brown Oxford Dress Shoe Little Love Bug Co.
  3. Desert Sand Oxford Dress Shoe Little Love Bug Co.
  4. Midnight Black Oxford Dress Shoe Little Love Bug Co.