New Big Kid Minimalist Sole

I was on the hunt for soles that would align with my desire for minimalist soles... And I found them. My 6 year old has tested them out for months now and loves them. I'm slightly obsessed. They're flexible, light, non-slip, and durable. They can fold in half as you can see, but here's a picture of the above shoe not folded (no, these sparkly rose gold are not available (yet), my 6 year old got to build her own shoe, so of course glitter galore):

Some people don't care whether or not the soles are minimalist for their kiddos and that's ok. But in order to better align with my mission... I will eventually be transferring all of my big kid soles to my new minimalist sourced soles in sizes 6-10. I'm a problem solver - This has solved a problem I felt I faced.

Want more information about why soft soles are important? Read more information on why moccasins became a “thing” here, because it’s not just a fashion trend. I know I know - Mind Blown.

New Big Kid Minimalist Sole

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