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Most Mamas use water and a clean rag. I don't recommended washing them in the washing machine or putting them in the dryer. Suede leather will ruin easily in a washing machine! Trust me... I've accidently thrown them in mine.

Can you put a protectant coating on the moccasins? Kind of like whether you want your little to wear socks with Little Love Bug moccasins - It's totally up to each individual.

Please note: Scuffing on leather is natural.


Leather on the feet get scuffs and scrapes. Does this mean that it's not real leather? No, it's natural and Little Love Bug shoes are all made of genuine leather. Scuffs will happen, especially with littles that are moving and grooving. If the scratches bother you some Moms use a shoe polish to keep them looking new. You can also use a toothbrush and toothpaste, which helps with scuffs (wipe afterwards with a clean rag). But it's important leather stays conditioned, so follow with a leather conditioner. Leather cracks when it doesn't stay moisturized. Find a leather conditioner here.




Ok listen. I'm the first to admit I use baby wipes for EVERYTHING. In fact, I'm not sure what I did before baby wipes to clean.  I keep them in my car, my purse, my bathroom, my countertop in the kitchen... You get the point. I'm going to be hard pressed to get rid of my use of baby wipes as my kids get older. While I'm a bit of a "tree hugger" I still use them, because they're easy, convenient, and safe for everything... Right? I mean... They clean the little booty of my littles... Surely, they are safe to clean my little's moccs or leather on my beloved Sorel collection. Actually, no. Baby wipes dry leather out, which can cause them to peel and crack. I learned the hard way (ask my living room ottoman - I told you - I use(d) them for cleaning everything)... Learn from me. Learn from my ottoman. While we're talking about it - I'd also recommend no longer wiping the baby spit up with a baby wipe on the leather couch or the coffee you just spilled from the leather seat in your car. #justsayin #dontbeme



ALL of my moccasins are of the highest quality genuine leather (please note that like any leather - dye may transfer on to light colored materials), but I think an expectation of life expectancy is worth pointing out. Keep in mind that this isn’t just for my moccs but any that you may buy, although I’m not sure why you would ever buy anything else.


Little Love Bug sizes 2-6 are for your baby and toddler learning how to walk. They give flexibility and extra mobility while wearing a shoe, which is important to their developing feet. With that said, they are NOT hard sole shoes. This means that they will wear faster than a hard sole shoe, especially for toddlers that have become quite mobile. They can be worn outside, on the playground, on rocks, etc – But this will wear them down in time and quicker than a hard sole shoe as it’s leather/thread vs a full rubber sole or other tough material.

As a crawling baby or newly walking toddler, the toe of the shoe can wear off the color of the leather and this is normal. Leather, which is important for your little’s feet to breathe naturally, when dragged via toes or feet will naturally wear.

By size 7 your little should have the hang of walking and at this stage is most likely engaging in very active play. This is why I have introduced a harder sole moccasin for sizes 7-10. This will ensure you can get more wear and tear out of your Little Love Bugs.  

Not sure where to get started with cleaning? Ask a fellow mom!

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