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Why shop Little Love Bug footwear?

They're the perfect little baby shoe for the stage following baby slippers, booties or crib moccasins – When your little one is ready to learn to walk! 

Made of 100% genuine leather, so your little bug's feet can properly breath, my soft sole shoes are created to satisfy the pediatric recommendation of minimalist footwear to promote healthy foot development, while also keeping your little from slipping on every day surfaces.

Whether you're looking for a cute baby shower gift, an easy slip on shoe, a trendy boy oxford moccasin or a classic Mary Jane baby shoe for your baby girl, you'll love having your little taking their first steps in these quality SOFT leather baby shoes with grip... Because we've all had blisters and let's be honest - They're the worst! 

Toddlers can run, skip, and climb in ANY of my kid approved shoes and (yes!) they’re totally fine to wear outside.

My moccs come in an array of colors including pink, grey, silver, navy, brown, and beyond - Depending on the season and demand of my customers. Sizing starts at 2 and will soon be offered up to size 10, because Moms have requested to have their kids in my shoes “forever”. They are that loved.

Shop them today to see for yourself and don’t forget to tag me on Instagram!


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  1. **Winter** Grab Bag
  2. Angelina Sunnies Sunglasses Little Love Bug Co.
  3. Beige Kailee {Premium Leather}
  4. Black Charley Sandal Sandal Little Love Bug Co. 2 (Original Non-Slip Soft Sole)
  5. Black Cheetah Low Top Casual Shoe Little Love Bug Co.
  6. Black Cozy Boot
  7. Black Mila  {Premium Leather}
  8. Black Quinn Slip On Casual Shoe Little Love Bug Co.
  9. Black Suede Olivia Dress Shoe Little Love Bug Co.
  10. Black Suede Reagan
  11. Black Suede T Bar T-Bar with Anti-Slip Sole Little Love Bug Co. 10 (Minimalist Sole)
  12. Black T Bar T-Bar with Anti-Slip Sole Little Love Bug Co.