Now Offering Weatherproof Soft Soles on my T bar collection

Why The Change?

Many of you who have tried out my weatherproof soft soles on my other designs are obsessed with them. I've gotten many e-mails requesting them as an option on my ever so popular T-Bar Collection moccs. With Fall around the corner, I decided to take the leap and offer either my original soft sole with non-slip grips OR the weatherproof soft sole. I'm not sure how long this option will last for either sole - As I go where my customer's take me.

Weatherproof Soft Soles:
  • Super Light
  • Super Flexible
  • Durable
  • And... Waterproof!
Try them out today with code R0F597BSSYA7 at checkout to receive $5.00 off any of my t-bars.

Happy Friday!

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