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Discover the Secret to Stronger, Healthier Feet with Barefoot Shoes!

Discover the Secret to Stronger, Healthier Feet with Barefoot Shoes!

When people hear that I wear barefoot shoes, their first question is often, "Do you wear those dorky shoes with individual toes?" Let me clarify, no, I don't wear toe shoes, and neither do you or your little one need them for healthy feet.

I can personally attest to the fact that I feel my feet getting stronger wearing barefoot shoes. It's an unusual sensation. And I understand why kids who have worn barefoot shoes also have overwhelmingly positive feedback, preferring the lighter and more comfortable option over traditional structured lace-up school shoes or sneakers. 

Extensive studies on modern-day (standard) shoes have revealed that wearing them from an early age can cause more problems than not wearing them at all. Issues like deformation from ill-fitting shoes, ingrown toenails, and athlete's foot have been linked to early shoe usage.

So why is this?

Research published in The Foot, a podiatry journal, in 2007, suggests that forcing the foot to conform to the shape and constraints of a shoe can lead to structural and functional changes, particularly in young children whose feet are more vulnerable to damage.

That's why I created Little Love Bug in 2017—to provide a solution that combines both style and ergonomics. When it comes to children's footwear, it's essential to remember that their feet are not miniature versions of adult feet. At birth, their feet consist of cartilage and gradually develop into the 28 bones of the adult foot over time. This process continues until the late teenage years, emphasizing the importance of choosing suitable footwear during this crucial period. 

There's an abundance of research supporting the growing trend and benefits of barefoot shoes, questioning the necessity of highly cushioned and supportive footwear for both children and adults.

The remarkable results of wearing barefoot shoes include increased foot strength, balance, mobility, and ankle function—benefits typically associated with walking barefoot.

Little Love Bugs reinforce the natural running technique that children are born with—forefoot striking rather than heel striking. Toddlers instinctively adopt this technique when running. It's only when we switch to thick-soled and heavier shoes that we retrain ourselves to run differently, potentially leading to knee, hip, and lower back pain associated with heel striking.

So release the toes! And let your little run the way nature intended… With Little Love Bugs.


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