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15 Spring Fun Activities for Toddlers That Will Get Them Outside

15 Spring Fun Activities for Toddlers That Will Get Them Outside

Are you looking for spring fun activities for your toddler? Spring is the perfect time to get your little one outside and exploring. With the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer, there are so many wonderful activities that you can enjoy with your toddler. From outdoor treasure hunts to nature walks, these 15 spring fun activities will keep your toddler entertained and engaged while they explore the outdoors.

1) Egg Hunts
Egg hunts are one of the most popular outdoor activities for toddlers during the spring season. It’s a great way to get them moving and explore their environment. To set up an egg hunt, you’ll need several hard-boiled eggs and some decorations to spruce it up. Hide the eggs in different spots around your backyard or garden, then give your child a basket and have them search for the eggs! This is also a great opportunity to teach your toddler about colors and counting. When they find all of the eggs, they can collect them in the basket and have a prize at the end as a reward. Egg hunts are a fun and safe outside activity that your toddler will love!

2) Nature Walks
Nature walks are an excellent way to get your toddler outside and explore the great outdoors. Not only are they a fun activity for toddlers, but it is also an educational experience for them. Nature walks can provide a unique opportunity for your toddler to learn about the world around them. Here are some activities you can do on your nature walk:
- Let your toddler lead the way and explore what catches their eye. Point out different animals and plants, and ask questions that will help them understand their environment.
- Use a magnifying glass or binoculars to observe small animals and bugs up close.
- Bring a bag and collect leaves, twigs, and other natural items you see outside. Have your child draw pictures of these items once you get back home.
- Put together a scavenger hunt list before you go on your walk with items like feathers, pinecones, and other objects that you might find outside.
- Take time to identify trees, flowers, and birds. If you're not sure what you're looking at, use a field guide book or your smartphone to help you figure it out.
Nature walks are a great way to spend quality time with your toddler while enjoying the beauty of nature. Plus, it's an activity that is sure to keep your little one engaged while they explore the outdoors.

3) Painting with Water
One of the easiest and most fun activities to do with toddlers in the springtime is painting with water. This activity is incredibly simple, as all you need is a bucket of water, paintbrushes, and some paper or canvas. The toddler can then use the paintbrushes to dip into the bucket of water and paint their own picture on the paper or canvas. This activity will help to develop fine motor skills and creativity in your little one, as well as keeping them entertained! It’s also a great way to get them outside and enjoying the spring weather, as it can easily be done outdoors on a sunny day. Painting with water is an activity that can be tailored for any age, so no matter how young or old your toddler is, they’re sure to have a blast with this fun outdoor activity.

4) Chalk Drawing
Chalk drawing is a great activity for toddlers to enjoy on a sunny spring day. This activity allows for creative expression and encourages imaginative play. It is also a great way for your little one to practice their fine motor skills. All you need is some sidewalk chalk and an outdoor space with a paved surface. You can draw hopscotch games, pictures, shapes, and more. It’s also a great way to get them involved in learning activities like spelling out words or practicing counting. Chalk drawing is one of the most fun and entertaining acitivities for toddlers this spring!

5) Bubble Blowing
One of the most classic spring activities for toddlers is bubble blowing. This is a great way to keep them entertained while enjoying the outdoors and getting some fresh air. Bubble blowing can help children learn about cause and effect and also allows them to get creative with different types of bubble wands, colors, and sizes. This activity is easy to do and can be done anywhere there is access to bubble solution.
To begin, pick up some bubble solution from your local store and grab some bubble wands. There are many different types of bubble wands you can use including plastic, wooden, and metal. Allow your toddler to explore the different wand types, sizes, and colors that they can use to blow bubbles. Once they've chosen the wand they'd like to use, simply fill the wand with the solution and blow! Your toddler will have a blast chasing and popping all the bubbles you create together.
Bubble blowing is an ideal outdoor activity for toddlers and can provide them with hours of entertainment. Whether you're in your own backyard or at the park, this fun and simple activity is sure to bring smiles all around.

6) Sprinkler Play
Sprinkler play is a great outdoor activity for toddlers! This type of activity requires very little equipment, and can be a great way to cool down on hot days. Toddlers will love running through the sprays of water, as well as experimenting with different shapes and sizes of sprinklers.
You can also get creative with this type of activity, adding in different types of activities like kick the ball through the sprinklers or tag with a sprinkler. You can even set up obstacle courses or “mazes” that the kids can try to navigate while they’re wet and slippery.
Other fun activities you can do with a sprinkler include setting up some pots and pans underneath it and having the kids make music as the sprinkler dances around them. You can also set up some shaving cream “paint” and have the kids create art masterpieces with their feet!
No matter what type of activities you decide to do, sprinkler play is sure to be a hit with your toddlers. They’ll be entertained for hours, and it’s a great way to beat the heat!

7) Mud Pie Making
Mud pie making is a great activity to keep your toddler entertained and having fun during the spring season. All you need for this activity is a sandpit or some mud in the backyard, and an array of kitchen items such as measuring cups, spoons, cookie cutters, and rolling pins. To get your toddler excited about making mud pies, you can let them choose the ingredients and help them with the mixing and forming of their creations.
This activity is a great way to get kids outside, allowing them to explore their creativity while engaging with nature. Since mud can often be found in abundance during the spring months, this activity can become a fun and regular part of your child's day. As an added bonus, this activity will also help develop your toddler’s motor skills, as they use their hands to scoop and mix the mud.
Once your toddler is finished creating their masterpiece, you can take a few moments to admire their artwork. After all, their creation is sure to be one of a kind!

8) Gardening
Gardening is a great spring activity for toddlers. It can help them learn about nature and provide a fun way to spend time outside in the warm weather. With some supervision and guidance, toddlers can have fun planting seeds and watching them grow into beautiful plants and vegetables. Start by creating a small garden in your yard and let your toddler help you pick out the seeds. Show them how to plant the seeds and help them water the garden daily. As the plants start to grow, talk to them about the process of how plants grow and why it's important to take care of them. If you have the space, add a few kid-friendly gardening tools like a mini watering can and shovel for your toddler to use. Gardening is a great way to get your toddler outside and teach them about the natural world!

9) Flying a Kite
What could be more fun than flying a kite on a breezy day? A kite flying session is a great outdoor activity for toddlers that will allow them to explore the wonders of physics. It's an easy activity to do and requires no special equipment. All you need is a good kite and some space.
Start by finding an open area with a steady breeze. Make sure it's away from any power lines, trees, or other obstructions. Then, let your little one take the lead in assembling the kite. Have them help pick out the string and clip it to the kite. Show them how to position the kite so that it catches the wind. Finally, encourage them to throw the kite into the sky.
Watching their eyes light up as their kite rises into the air is a magical moment for both you and your toddler. Flying a kite can also provide educational benefits for your little one. As they observe the motion of the kite and how it reacts to different levels of wind, they're gaining valuable insights into basic physics.
It's important to keep safety in mind when flying a kite. If your toddler is young, stay close by while they're flying the kite and keep a firm grip on the string. Also, don't forget to pack plenty of water and snacks for your excursion. Once you've finished, pack up the kite and make sure it gets safely stored away in your home.

10) Picnics
Picnics are a great way to spend time with your toddler outside while also enjoying a delicious meal. Take a few blankets and pack up some sandwiches, crackers, fruits and veggies, and snacks. Bring along some cups, plates, and silverware if you don't want to use plastic or paper. You can also plan some outdoor activities like bird watching or a nature scavenger hunt while you’re at it. Just be sure to have plenty of sunscreen and bug spray if needed. You can also look for outdoor parks with picnic tables to make it easier for little ones to sit down and enjoy their meal. Picnics are a great way to get creative with your toddler and explore the outdoors.

11) Scavenger Hunts
Scavenger hunts are a great way to get your toddler excited about being outside in the spring. This activity can be done with things found in your backyard, at the park, or even during a walk around the neighborhood. You can use a list of items that your toddler has to find or create a game where they have to find certain colors, shapes, sizes, etc. For example, if you're at the park, you can have them find a blue flower, an acorn, and a twig. If you're in the backyard, you can have them search for a red leaf, a yellow bug, and a feather. Once they complete the scavenger hunt, you can reward them with a special treat!

12) Sidewalk Chalk Art
Sidewalk chalk art is a great way to get your toddler outdoors and expressing their creativity. It's a simple activity that you can do anywhere with a sidewalk or pavement, and it encourages your little one to use their imagination to create unique drawings. All you need is a few pieces of sidewalk chalk and a few ideas of what to draw. Let your toddler's imagination be the guide, and don't be afraid to join in on the fun!
If you need some ideas, you can always look up some easy tutorials online or have your toddler pick out a favorite character or animal they would like to draw. You could even make a game out of it and have them draw whatever shapes or colors you call out. And when they’re done, take a photo and admire their creative masterpiece!

13) Water Balloon Fights
Water balloon fights are an exciting and fun way to keep toddlers entertained during the spring. Fill up several water balloons with tap water and give each toddler a few to hold. Once everyone is armed with water balloons, you can start the fight! This is a great way to get toddlers outside and enjoying the warmer weather.
Before you begin, make sure that all toddlers are wearing appropriate clothing and shoes for running around in the grass. Water balloon fights can quickly become messy, so be prepared with plenty of towels and a hose or two. You might also want to designate an area away from furniture and plants.
To make sure everyone stays safe, encourage toddlers to aim at each other’s legs and not their faces. You can also add other fun items such as beach balls or squirt guns to the mix to spice things up. Make sure to keep a close eye on all toddlers during the fight and be ready to intervene if needed.
At the end of the fight, it’s time for a water balloon clean up. Encourage toddlers to help you pick up all the water balloons they threw and dispose of them properly. Have plenty of fresh towels on hand for drying off any damp clothing or skin.
Water balloon fights are a great way to get toddlers outside and active during the spring. They’ll love running around and splashing each other with balloons of water, plus you’ll get to enjoy watching them have fun!

14) Splash Pads
Splash pads provide a great way for toddlers to cool off in the summer months and have lots of fun. With many splash pads, there are often activities that your toddler can do. From sprinklers to water slides, jets and buckets, toddlers will love exploring the acitivities and having fun. Make sure to always keep an eye on your little one while they're playing, and bring some towels and extra clothes in case they get wet.

15) Beach Trips
Beach trips are an ideal way to enjoy the outdoors and have some fun in the sun! With the warmer weather, it's a great time to take your toddler on a beach trip. There are lots of activities you can do together that will provide hours of entertainment and a memorable experience.
One of the most popular beach activities for toddlers is building sandcastles. Even if they can’t construct a complex one, they’ll have a blast digging in the sand and creating fun shapes with buckets and molds.
Another fun activity is searching for shells and sea glass. You can also try a game of beach tag or some simple beach yoga poses for an added challenge. Make sure to bring a few beach toys like balls and shovels for more acitivities.
Finally, take a break from the heat with a dip in the ocean or a splash in a nearby pond. Just remember to keep your toddler within arm's reach at all times, as the water can be unpredictable.
Beach trips are the perfect opportunity to get some fresh air and enjoy quality time together. Take advantage of the warmer months to create fun memories with your little one!
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