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The Perks Of Minimalist

The Perks Of Minimalist

You have questions? We have answers.

Little Love Bugs aren't just a fashion statement. Read on below.

Little love bug

Picture this: I'm walking in to a baby shoe store and over hear an employee speaking with another family about how important it is for little's to wear flexible sole shoes until at least the age of 2 years old.

That's right... I overheard this conversation. No one asked to help me. You know why? I'm in yoga pants stained with baby puke and a shirt that most likely had stains there as well (cough cough - awkwardly around the boob area)... With my hair in a messy bun. Sleep deprived. I look ragged. Can you relate?

The irony? I would have purchased some shoes that day, but they didn't ask me if I needed any help. Did I need help? Sure did! Lots of it. But that's a story for another time. 

So I go home and research - What was this lady talking about at the mall? 

Here's the deal:

Kids should be wearing soft sole shoes until AT LEAST the age of 2. It helps with their 2,000 neuro-transmitters in their feet communicate to their brain. It helps them learn to walk and allows their bones to properly grow. 

Starting to get the feeling I'm a nerd? Sure am!

But there's more... The American Board of Pediatrics have released this information and also recommend it. Why? Soles on standard kid's shoes are too thick... In fact, if these little shrunken down shoes were blown up for us... It would be like wearing around platforms (flash-back to the nineties - How many of you twisted ankles on those fashion statements?) 🙋

Flash forward to 2017 when I launched Little Love Bug Company... And here's a quick run down on WHY Little Love Bugs are made the way they are:

1) Zero drop (flat soles for proper spine development)

2) Light flexible soles with a wide toe box (for properly developing bones)

3) 100% Genuine leather (so feet can properly breathe - Kids feet sweat WAY more than adults)... Why no "vegan" options? Current vegan options are 99% of the time plastic, so until I can source a non-plastic option - Leather it is.

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