Sizing Chart, Shipping, and Cleaning

Leslie's Recommendation for Sizing (how to measure your little's feet):

1) Get a piece of paper of paper and have your little STAND (put pressure) on the paper

2) Mark off toe to heel with pen or pencil

3) Your little is done and can go back to playing

4) Take the piece of paper and measure the mark off

5) Check the sizing chart below for appropriate size



(2) 3 - 6 Months Up to 4.5"

(3) 6 - 12 Months Up to 4.65"

(4) 12 - 18 Months Up to 4.96"

(5) 18 - 24 Months Up to 5.28"

(6) 24+ Months Up to 5.59"



All orders will be sent out First Class through USPS (1-3 days) daily on regular business days - includes tracking, unless otherwise noted at time of checkout and "Priority" is chosen.


Most mama's use water and a clean rag. I don't recommended washing them in the washing machine or putting them in the dryer. Can you put a protectant coating on the moccs? Of course!