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Let's Talk About Little Love Bug Company's Sole Options

Let's Talk About Little Love Bug Company's Sole Options

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Original Non-Slip Soles

Original Non Slip Soft Sole

These are the soles that started Little Love Bug Company! I was tired of not having a quality moccasin option for my Littles that didn’t shred or get holes in them on the first day of use. And WHAT is with those little dots on the bottom of some of them… GRIP?!

In 2017 I introduced my non-slip soft sole moccasins. These bottoms are in line with minimal footwear designs and consist of a zero drop. What is a zero drop? It's where the heel of your foot is the same height as the ball of your foot (no heel). This is super important for your little's foot development. Made of a soft suede leather and rubber grips – They’re soft, light, flexible and have a box toe (so your little’s toes can properly grow and not get squished!).

Can they be worn outside? You bet!

Are they great for non-walkers just learning to stand – Absolutely! 


Weatherproof Soft Soles

Made of a thin rubber layer these soles are super light, flexible, and … Well… Weatherproof! I introduced these soles in the Fall of 2018 and Mom’s fell in love. Living in Oregon where it rains a lot – I wanted just a tad more assurance that my kids could romp around in the puddles without fear their little feet were getting wet. True to minimalist shoes – These moccs too are boxed toes and zero drop so there’s no crunching or restricting of proper bone growth of those cute little toes!  


Big Kid Minimalist Sole

I was on the hunt for soles that would align with my desire for minimalist soles... And I found them. My 6 year old has tested them out for months now and loves them. I'm slightly obsessed and LOVE that she can wear a zero drop shoe that she loves to romp around in. They're flexible, light, non-slip, and durable. They can fold in half as you can see, but here's a picture of the above shoe not folded:


Here they are in the sandals:

Some people don't care whether or not the soles are minimalist for their kiddos and that's ok. But in order to better align with my mission I will offer minimalist sourced soles in sizes 6-12. I'm a problem solver - This has solved a problem I felt I faced.

Want more information about why soft soles are important? Read more information on why moccasins became a “thing” here, because it’s not just a fashion trend. I know I know - Mind Blown.



Low Profile Tennis Shoe

The reason these shoe soles were named "tennis shoe", is because the nobles of the late 1800's-1900's used them to play tennis which was growing in popularity. The new construction and characteristics of a tennis shoe allowed the tennis player to get the most support, stability and comfort for their play. 

The term “tennis shoe” describes any footwear that has a rubber sole that is flexible and an upper that is lightweight and made of canvas or leather. The tennis shoes of today can be credited to Etonic, who originated the all-white low-top rubber soled version of which you’ll see on my site for this sole option. 


Written by Leslie Nelson for Little Love Bug.


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    I have a 10 month old granddaughter. How is the best way to determine what size she needs?

  • Posted by Ruth Avila on

    Please tell me how you clean these shoes.
    Thank you

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