Original Non-Slip Soft Sole

Original Non-Slip Soles

These are the soles that started Little Love Bug Company! I was tired of not having a quality moccasin option for my Littles that didn’t shred or get holes in them on the first day of use. And WHAT is with those little dots on the bottom of some of them… GRIP?!


In 2017 I introduced my non-slip soft sole moccasins. These bottoms are in line with minimal footwear designs. Made of a soft suede leather and rubber grips – They’re soft, light, flexible and have a box toe (so your little’s toes can properly grow and not get squished!).

Can they be worn outside? You bet!

Are they great for non-walkers just learning to stand – Absolutely!


Can your active toddler rock them? Yes! It’s what my littles wore as babies and toddlers until they were about 2 and a half.

Original Non-Slip Soft Sole Size 12