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Boy Zone

Little Love Bug footwear offers soft sole shoes made of 100% genuine leather for healthy foot development. Our stylish shoes come in various colors and designs, suitable for any outfit. Designed for active toddlers, they prevent slips on everyday surfaces, ensuring safety and comfort. With sizes ranging from 2 to 13, our shoes provide grip and durability, perfect for your little one's first steps. Choose Little Love Bug's Barefoot Shoes for freedom and support to grow up healthy and stylish! Shop now and see why so many moms have requested their kids wear our shoes "forever".

  1. Casual Cream Low Top - Little Love Bug Co.
  2. Casual Desert Sand Low Top {Premium Leather}
  3. Casual Dinosaur Low Top Casual Shoe Little Love Bug Co.
  4. Casual Gray Low Top Casual Shoe Little Love Bug Co.
  5. Casual Navy Low Top
  6. Casual Red Low Top
  7. Cranberry Low Top
  8. Desert Sand Carter Casual Shoe Little Love Bug Co.
  9. Desert Sand Chelsea Boot Boot Little Love Bug Co. 6 (Minimalist Sole)
  10. Desert Sand Closed Toe Sandal {Premium Leather} - Little Love Bug Co.
  11. Desert Sand Felix {Premium Leather}
  12. Desert Sand Original {Premium Leather} - Little Love Bug Co.