More T-Bar Collection on Their Way!

If you've loved our T-bars... Check back soon for our restocking of our black leather and brown suede t-bars. I didn't realize that they would move quite so quickly! But I'm sure glad you all love them as much as I do :) I will also be adding a few new colors to our t-bar collection - including a smooth shimmery pink Mary Jane and a suede gray t-bar. I'm confident you all will love these new colors as much as you loved the first release! All of the bottoms of the soles will be the same as all of our kid moccasins - with the anti-slip sole for those who want the benefit of a soft sole moccasin shoe with a bit more grip, so your new walker won't slip, have protection from the ground, and can still run around/play outside without the concern of slipping. Remember, these baby and toddler moccasins are great for outside and are of high quality leather so that you won't feel like you've paid good money for toddler shoes that are going to tear or rip on their first wear. Your new walker will look stylish day in and day out in their sweet scalloped edged t-bars.

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