Body Positivity In A World Of Body Perfection Expectation

I posted something recently about body positivity from @thebirdspapaya I often forget that a lot of people see my stuff. I don’t think too much about it to be honest. I think if I thought about it – I wouldn’t post much or at all. ⁠
But I was told that it was “off brand". Said person will see this I’m sure so “Hi!” 😉 But. It made me think, what IS my brand? How did I get here? Can’t the brand be… Me? I mean – Who here has followed me for longer than a year? ⁠
So I will tell you… I’m about a lot of things. Some things? I’m still learning about… Figuring out. I find life to be a constant changing experience. But. I love people. All people. Every color of people. Every type of people… I try to show up and support the fact that we’re all living this life and trying to figure it out… As Moms especially. Because being a Mom is HARD. But honestly? Being a human is difficult. ⁠
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Back to my body positivity note. I think that we are SO hard on ourselves in regards to our body image, especially after having a baby. Magazines that fill the checkout aisle tell us what we should or could look like after giving birth. The sad thing is, who here was surprised their tummy still looked pregnant after giving birth? I was. What do you MEAN I'll still look pregnant for a while? Why isn’t this talked about, so it’s not something we’re ashamed of? Y'all I was SUCH a hot mess when I left the hospital, but I was just glad I could bend down and pick up the soap in the shower.⁠
This all stems from a discussion I had with another Mom this past weekend. She had worked hard and had lost a ton of weight, but is still uncomfortable in her body. She's done AMAZING and should be PROUD. There’s a fraction of people who have magazine bodies and even those are often fine-tuned with a computer. Know - You’re perfect just the way you are – Stretch marks, extra skin, and all. No judgement if you do something about it, but make sure it's for YOU.⁠
Moral of the story. If I can make even one person out there feel a little better about themselves. Love themselves a little more. Motivate them some how. Understand that we're all in this crazy life together - THAT'S my brand.

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