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10 Valentine's Day Books That Teach Kids How Wonderful It is to Love

10 Valentine's Day Books That Teach Kids How Wonderful It is to Love

Because February 14 is so much more than red hearts and candy.

Because February 14 is so much more than red hearts and candy.

Valentine's Day is around the corner and like every other holiday season, it's the perfect time to captivate your kids through stories of delight. From tales about robotic romantic adventures, to a whimsical story about secret letters, these heartwarming books will teach your child about the many ways to express love, especially amongst family and friends.

I'll Love You Till the Cows Come Home, by Kathryn Cristaldi and Kristyna Litten

Love knows no bounds in this delightful read aloud that sends cows to Mars and has sheep steering ships. Fun wordplay and a rhyming refrain will soon have little ones chiming in. Perfect for Valentine’s Day or saying I love you any time of year. Ages 4-8 ($15).

I Love You, Little Pookie, by Sandra Boynton

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With an affectionate tale and funny drawings, this book is ideal for little ones.

Bestselling author Sandra Boynton is back with a new board book, just in time for the holiday of love. Little Pookie is one of Boynton’s most beloved characters and he is reassured over and over as mom tells him just how much she loves him on nearly every sturdy page. Ages 2-5 ($6).

Robot in Love, by T. L. McBeth

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A robot love story with a splash of color that'll surely catch your child's eye.

It’s love at first sight in this playful picture book about a robot who spots his soulmate, loses her and then finds her again. Love can look different for every one of us, and in this case the robot’s object of affection is a shiny toaster with whom he discovers various shared interests. Including toast. Very sweet! Ages 4-8 ($13).

The Littlest Things Give the Loveliest Hugs, by Mark Sperring and Maddie Frost

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Nothing is cuter than a snuggly tale from your favorite animals.

Bright and colorful, this picture book celebrates hugs across the animal world. From snuggly seals to beetle bug hugs, these little critters are all happy to be with their families, sharing an embrace. Warm, rhyming text opens the door for telling our own little ones how much their hugs mean to us. Ages 3-6 ($13).

How Do I Love Thee? by Jennifer Adams and Christopher Silas Neal

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A sweet ode to beloved friends and family.

A delightful reimagining of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s “Sonnet 43” with its famous opening lines, as a trio of children explore their world and the love of friends and family around them. Christopher Silas Neal’s illustrations carry the poetry of Browning’s words beautifully. A book to keep ... Ages 4-8 ($16).

Love, Z, by Jessie Sima

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Home is where the heart is in this adorable adventure.

A mysterious message in a bottle and the young robot who finds it spark a remarkable exploration of what love means, and all the ways we can express love for one another. Charming and uplifting, this picture book is a joy to read and share all year round, and especially for Valentine’s Day. Ages 4-8 ($13).

Duck and Hippo The Secret Valentine, by Jonathan London and Andrew Joyner

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This heartfelt story teaches kids about kindness and sharing.

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without valentines! A humorous story of secret valentines and speculation that culminates in a delightful heart-filled celebration where everyone is welcomed. An entertaining holiday read aloud. Ages 3-7 ($14).

Mirabel's Missing Valentines, by Janet Lawler and Olivia Chin Mueller

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A spark of unexpected kindness can bring the best of joy in this story.

Giving Valentine’s Day cards to classmates can be scary, and Mirabel the mouse is so nervous that she accidentally drops some of her cards on the way to school. Her mistake brings some folks unexpected moments of joy thinking the cards were meant for them. A sweet story about how a small kindness can make a big difference for others and ourselves. Ages 3-7 ($12).

A Caboodle of Cuddles, by Roger Priddy

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A visually captivating book with raised pictures for your child to check out on every page.

Perfect for tiny hands to explore, this board book about cuddles and families has bright, raised illustrations that fit together for lots of interactive fun. A Valentine’s Day treat for little ones. Ages 1-3 ($8).

A Hug is for Holding Me, by Lisa Wheeler and Lisk Feng

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Your child's curiosity will surge as they explore the meaning of hugs in this lyrical tale.

A unique way of looking at nature, where hugs can be found nearly everywhere if we know how to look. A nest can be a hug in a tree, a seashell is a hug in the sea; each page is thoughtful and will help little ones see their world in a whole new way. Interspersed between the pages about nature are all the things a hug between this father and daughter mean to them: safety, home, love. A tender tribute to the humble hug. Ages 3-5 ($11).

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